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    NFC Card

    NFC NFC (Near Field Communication) is really an extend of RFID .Therere four types be defined for NFC type 1,type 2, type 3, type 4, those type formats are based on ISO14443A and B which is the international standard for contactless smartcards. Therere different rfid chips with frequency 13.56mhz for NFC technology , compatible, Ultralight, NTAG series. In general, NTAG series are compatible with every NFC device (NTAG203, NTAG212, Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216). NFC into different types NFC Sticker label, NFC card, NFC keyfob, NFC wristband and so on. Common NFC Tags cant work on metal surfaces. If need to use the NFC close to metal, need with metal layer to be on-metal NFC tag Features 13.56MHz MF1 Induction Smart IC Card ISO14443 Easy to carry Supported by any S50 card reader Auto detect card memory The card made of high temperature composite materials Specifications Operating Frequency 13.56MHz Storage Capacity 8Kbit, 16 districts, each district two passwords Read Distance 2.5-10cm 106kbit/s fast data transfer. Card Life Write endurance 100,000 cycles. ISO/IEC 14443 RF Interface. Data Retention Time 10 years Typical Applications patrol, attendance, access control systems, business card, bus card, highway

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